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Southeast Bridge Preservation Partnership Annual Meeting, Charleston, WV- April 10-12, 2017

The Southeast Bridge Preservation Partnership (SEBPP) is comprised of representatives from regional state and local highway agencies, provincial transport agencies, industry, suppliers, consultants, and academia. Any interested agency, organization, company, or group may join and participate in the activities of this Partnership by contributing funds to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), or by paying fees to attend the annual workshop and conference.



International Bridge Conference, National Harbor, MD - June 4-8, 2017

Presented by the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania, the IBC annually attracts over 1,500 bridge owners and engineers, senior policy makers, government officials, bridge designers, construction executives, and suppliers from throughout the United States and abroad. Now in it’s 34th year as an annual conference, the 2016 participants came from 48 states and 17 countries. The IBC is planned by an all-volunteer group and provides continuing education and networking opportunities to members of all facets of the bridge industry.




New York City Bridge Conference, New York City, NY - August 21-22, 2017

The Bridge Engineering Association is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote the state-of-the-art in bridge engineering technology through the publications of the latest in bridge engineering technology and the organization of conferences, seminars and forums on various themes of interest to the bridge engineering community. The Bridge Engineering Association advocates the dissemination of information to the public concerning the work of bridge engineers, and encourages the exchange of ideas, and gives proper consideration to questions affecting the bridge engineering profession.




Western Bridge Engineers’ Seminar, Portland, OR - September 6-8, 2017

The Western Bridge Engineers' Seminar is a biennial cooperative effort by the Federal Highway Administration and the Transportation Departments of Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Its purpose is the exchange of information between government agencies, consultants, contractors, educators, and suppliers on current subjects important to the design, construction, and maintenance of bridges.




ABC-UTC Conference, Miami, FL - December 7-8, 2017

Recognizing the need for a dedicated center for ABC, a group of renowned U.S. bridge engineering professionals gathered at FIU in Miami, Florida in November 2010. The group established – on a voluntary basis, without external funding and supported entirely by just $50,000 of seed funding from FIU – the Center for Accelerated Bridge Construction, with the objective of helping the bridge profession. The mission of the ABC-UTC is to reduce the societal costs of bridge construction by reducing the duration of work zones, focusing special attention on preservation, service life, construction costs, education of the profession, and development of a next-generation workforce fully equipped with ABC knowledge. ABC-UTC Conference Seminar



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