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Bailey Bridges

A 50 year old company, Bailey Bridges, Inc. manufactures and supplies portable Bailey component panel bridges and maintains a significant inventory of replacement components for U.S. Army bridges. While best known for its portable bridges, Bailey Bridges also offers a complete line of grid products for both fixed and moveable span (non-Bailey) bridges plus heavy duty bar gratings for industrial and commercial applications.

The D.S. Brown Company

Founded in 1890, The D.S. Brown Company is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and supplier of engineered rubber, steel and concrete products.

L.B. Foster

L.B. Foster Company (NASDAQ: FSTR) is a quality manufacturer, fabricator and distributor of products for the transportation, construction, utility and energy industries. We work nationally with contractors for state, municipal and other government projects to provide advanced material engineering, world-class project management and innovative quality products. L.B. Foster operates two facilities specializing in complex, high labor fabrication to provide structural steel for bridges, buildings, trusses, heavy weldments and other steel structures. L.B. Foster Company has more than a century of experience with high profile material supply contracts such as the full deck replacement on New York City’s Manhattan Bridge.

Associate Members:

American Galvanizers Association

Carolina Stalite Company

Gautier Steel Ltd.

McDonald Steel


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